Tuesday, November 21, 2006

baby powder baby

okay not a great second picture. I had forgotten that this had happened over the weekend. my baby loves baby powder and this stuff was everywhere! we had to vacuum his bed, the floor, him. at least his room smelled good. *if you click on any picture you can see it larger*

spent the morning getting ready for thanksgiving. had to hit the grocery store before the yahoo's got there. i think and hope i have all that i need.

i really don't want to go to work tonight. don't i say this every tuesday???? part of me wants to go to see all the new stuff they got out but i really don't want to work. rob doesn't want me to work either but i need too. maybe i can find a t-giving tablecloth top put on the table. i thought i had one but right now i can't find anything. that will be changing soon because i have to half empty out the shed to get to christmas crap. so mu purging and organizing will be heading outdoors soon. speaking of cleaning up.....um.....see.....i ah.... haven't put my clothes away yet or shall i say even cleaned up my side. now i know i said i would do this but i procrastinate and then when i want to do it i'm in the middle of something else. it will get done eventually like before christmas. i promise.

so tomorrow morning i'm gonna take the kids to the mil (mother-in-law) the school down the street is collecting cans and the Palo Verde H.S. marching band walks uo and down the street playing while the elementary kids walk with wagons collecting food. cool huh?! I hope to get few pictures of the whole entourage and the kids handing over the goods.

So spent most of the weekend scrappin'. dang that felt great!! i felt like i was on a roll. i just need to get more pictures printed!! and of course between rob and mikey they were making fun of all the stuff i have, which i am using up. HELLO! its not like i went and bought new stuff for these pages i was using my collection. but it was fun and i would like to keep it up and get somewhat caught up.

happy tuesday

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Julie said...

oh my goodness...I think every kid does this at some point!! I have a picture of Trevor when he was about Wyatt's age and he had spread an entire thing of baby powder out over the bathroom floor.. We were living in an apartment at the time, and I bet it is still behind the baseboards!! ah....good times...