Sunday, November 05, 2006

captains log: star date 2562- we have entered the realm of the working persons known as cantgiveacrapbutneedpaychecks. these people work meaningless jobs for little pay and take crap from old ladies that like to complain because the yarn they are buying doesn't have the same color lot number. yeesh . these c.g.c.n.p's have amazing amounts of patience and smiles that they plaster on their faces when one of the "old" people come close. the only way to defeat this race of "old" people is stop working in this store. HA Ha Ha.
I have know idea where that just came from, it wasn't even in my head when i started typing.
Good day to all. long time no type. I don't even remember where i left off. thursday i worked and missed my shows and friday i worked but the van went caput on me and we had to replace the radiator. Rob just finished in time for me to make it to work on Saturday. Anyway miss kelly has had kinda a cold and so rob and i got about 3-4 hrs of sleep on fri/sat. now wyatt has the runny nose.
Check this out. my crummy manager lupe has been very nice to me this week. i have been bumped up in security level so that i now can do withdrawals and such. lupe even told me that i really need to become a supervisor because i would be great. why all the sucking up??? and part of me is like "give me a HUGE raise for doing your duties". its kinda fun to be able the withdrawals but its also not in my job description.
these are my neighbors Don and Brenda. this is the house that wyatt walked into. And for the photo below here is rob in all his glory. i'm sorry not rob this is ROBERTA . unfortunately i couldn't get the full picture where he has on his fuzzy pink slippers. kinda cute huh?
now this is rob being crowned the pumpkin carving king.
FYI. i usually don't flip my pictures because i haven't done any editing yet and i will lose pixels if i flip them so tilt your head.
as the week goes on i'm sure i'll post some more picts no that it is working again. have a good Sunday


ma said...

Good Morning to all,
CONGRATS Rob, you my dear make a wonderful king. I just had Mikey come into the office so that I could show him the pic's-he thought you were great!!
Feeling much better this morning--thank goodness, I can't afford to miss work, which anyone who knows me knows what I'm talking about, and for anyone who doesn't know-- you can ask Carrie.
I'm glad to hear that the kids are feeling better, Wyatt was a little whinny on Saturday, but for the most part did pretty good.
Just got done registering for my spring classes-whew ! It's hard to believe that by the end of spring that I will be down to one year. I can say one thing though--I've learned alot about all facets of law, it's really quite fascinating.

Another Monday !!

Love to all


Anonymous said...

Been trying to catch up, but I am so far behind. I started a new class this past week for the last eight weeks of this semester, and I 4.0 the class that I just finished, not bad for me eh? Mom and Dad said they are proud, and knew that I could do it, I think more likely they were hoping. Well, I put in my notice at work today, right now my last day will be Dec. 15, that way I can have Christmas break with the kids before I start the next phase of my life, which will be me, single (yup, I got the "let's be friends" line), student, mom and all that happy crap that goes along with it. Plus I will be still living with my parents. Did you know that they changed the spelling of Loser to KRISTIE? or maybe that was the new definition. I don't want to jinx it, but I think that the house is sold, and I don't know if I am going to laugh or cry. Well anyway enough of my soap opera, Hope all is well for you guys, someone has to be enjoying something, cause I am in a bad state of mind right now. But it will get better, God has a plan, and as soon as he finds it again, he'll put me on the right track. LOL
Talk to you soon
Love ya all