Wednesday, November 22, 2006


so i was cruising the net and the theme for today seems to be "grateful", so going on this subject, i thought i could at the very least was list a few of things that i am grateful for.
(ya ever have a moment when you start to think about a topic and everything floods in and you can't choose or sort them out? Yeah, going through that right now)
fun things to be grateful for; internet, ice cream, ooh chocolate, minivans (shh don't tell Rob)
serious things; my family, that i appreciate all that surrounds me. i.e. my home, food, trees, my clothes.
I try to remember everyday how lucky i really am and thank god for what i have. i am grateful for so much that it cannot begin to be listed and god knows that in my heart and loves me for it.
So Happy Turkey Day!
Give your family a big hug. love Carrie

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