Monday, November 27, 2006

Holiday Hell season

Oh yeah the hellish holiday season is here with all its wacked out kooks and freaks.

this is a great way to start the season off right? cynical and bitchy?

Thanksgiving was really nice, we had too much food as usual but it was good. Love the fried turkey. last year from christmas robs mom bought him an electric fryer and this year we got to try it out. it worked great. we had a baked turkey a fried turkey and ham. we love leftovers. we all have our staples that we make each year but we also try at least one new recipe to see it should be added to the feast. otherwise we spent the day watching football and talking. we totally forgot to play any games which has become the norm. we were rewarded by this gorgeous sunset that evening. it was strange to have such warm temps in this late of the month but it made for a great day.
"Where's Wyatt?"
This has become Wyatt's favorite thing to do. he likes to climb into all the places he shouldn't. we have also caught him on top of Kellys dresser and trying to climb on top of his. this little monkey is into EVERYTHING!!! i thought the crawling, walking stage was bad but this quiet troublemaking is worse. You never know where you will find him. Half the time the only way we catch him is if he drops something and we investigate, we just happen to walk by or if he call for help cause he is stuck. Oh i can't forget also when Kelly tattles on him.
*so Saturday was my last at joann and it was also the worst day i ever worked there. the computer shut down for over and hour and still those crazies waited in line. we passed out candy then we passed out 10% off transaction coupons because the registers were still down. it took over an hour to get them going and then they didn't ring up the sale prices so we had to do it all manually. it was awful. i gave the girls a pep talk and they did just great. most of the people in line were very nice. Once we got most of the people through the line we heard a frantic call for help. I went running back and in a corner a man had fallen and was having a seizure. so i start yelling to call 911 and the managers and a nurse went running back to help. so we also had a visit from the paramedics. whats strange is that the man that fell was a medic and had never been sick or had that happen before. this caused me to start shaking from adrenaline with all the excitement from the whole damn day. i hate emergencies. so on with the day. at one put we were running out of $1 dollars and when they finally found some i went back to the office to get them they started to tease me that i cursed the store today because it was my last day. let just say i got there at 2:30 and didn't get any breaks or lunch until 8pm when i clocked out and left for the night. and no they were not aware that i wasn't coming back from lunch. i told two of the six that were closing but not the mgrs. I did a little bad thing and it felt great. I was kinda hoping they would call me so i could laugh at them but alas they didn't. i know they aren't mad but it still was fun to just leave.


ma said...

Been MIA, computer is down, wondering if I should hire someone to fix it. Anyways, congratulations Carrie, I would have walked out also, and you know that it would take something pretty drastic to make me do it, but that store has treated you like crap alot of the time.
Wyatt--what a little stinker you are!! But sooo cute--I just love this little guy, he never fails too amuse and amaze me, and you have to remember that all too soon he will be past all of this and all the little cute things that he does will be gone like a puff of smoke. So enjoy, and just laugh

Julie said...

I am so proud of you!!! Who was closing? I truly hope it was Lupe...God forbid she would have to do some work!!!

I can't wait to hear about Tres Amigos!