Sunday, November 19, 2006

I have had a nice weekend. on Friday i did the scrapbook social and it was fun. i completed two layouts and had good conversation with a few regulars. i hope this keeps up even with me leaving. saturday work was fine and i got to come home early cause sales were slow. thats always a plus to come home early.but i saturday night i did 3 layouts. whoohoo! it feels good. i hope to get a couple more done today.
not much more going on. i hope your having a great weekend. C

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ma said...

Evening Everyone,
OHHH, the weekend goes by TOO fast--not fair, I say lets revolt and have it where you only work two days and have 5 off---so who's with me. The weekend has been good--tried to go to the church picnic, but the wind was so strong, you ended up eating sand with your sandwich. So needless to say Carrie and I didn't stay long.
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, it's really beautiful weather, just think here it is the middle of november and we still have 80 degree temps-oh yeah, now thats the way it should be, uh huh
Have great week everyone, a time filled with family, friends, and good food---sooo enjoy!!
love to all