Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Oh the drama

Told Lupe last night and she was cool about it. doesn't want me to go but can understand about the pay. yes she still wants me to be the scrapbook teacher. she did say that she didn't want me to leave before thanksgiving cause she is going to need me for black friday. I looked her right in the face and said then don't piss me off. kinda shocked her and i let out a startled laugh because i can't believe i actually said it out loud. but i did tell her i was serious and thats when we started to discuss last saturday, and how upset i was. She gave me the same b.s. but i really don't know if she was telling the truth.
to the Drama.... find out last night that Brian, my brothers friend that came here to get his act together has been stealing from my mom and mikey. He stole money from them both, he took dvd's and the ring my brother had bought for his ex-girlfriend(who happens to be his sister) took a PDA from my mom and we aren't sure what else. I talked to my mom this morning and she is working with the police as we speak and he is probably going to be arrested. now i find out he has a warrant for his arrest for skipping in michigan and screwing up his probation. so there is a chance he will be shipped back to MI.
this young man has had everyone help him like it's their job to take care of him and this has been enabling to him. he needs to LEARN and take some responsibility for what he does. it's not anyones fault but his own.
So i'm waiting for a phone call from mom to see what the outcome is. Oh and his reason for the theft is he needed money and was tired of asking mikey for it. He really wasn't looking for a job and the money he made for day shift work he blew on drugs and we think speed, yes some money went for gas but please.
Okay gotta stop writing about this.
Today is Kellys last day of school until January 8th. hopefully i can be a good mama and keep up her letters and numbers. I have seen an improvement her alphabet. today see took two pencils and made a "X" and told me it was an x. i was happy, and told her so. she seems to really like going to class.
*So I have to post a picture. I needed something that warms the dark corners of my heart. I love fall. my absolute favorite time of year. My favorite flowers are daisies but I don't have any pictures of daisies but sunflowers are like daisies but bigger! :)
*anyway I just got the new Simple Scrapbooks, Better Photos for your scrapbooks magazine. a special issue. looks interesting.this picture combined with the magazine makes me want to go the the nursery and take pictures of some flowers. i would go to the botanical gardens but this is free and if i go to the gardens i want the whole family to go.
*So enough for now. i'm gonna hopefully get some work done, in some form or another before i pick up Kel.
P.S. this friday is the scrap social. come check out the cricut (cricket) machine and the cuttlebug and hang with me. it's from 6-10 (yes 10, we went to holiday hours) Mom if you can't make it I need your list of things you want cut out and colors

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ma said...

Hi Everyone,
What a day, and it's not over with yet. In a little while I will head to court and invoke my rights as a victim so that I csan try to have a say in what and how this case is handled--believe me when I say that if you don't make noise, then the courts will sometimes overlook you, and the case. So in intend to be the sqweeky wheel and make noise to be heard. Brian had stole, a ring, 53 DVD's and my PDA as of the last, I am now going thru my house room by room to see if anything else is missing. The sheriff's dept. has been great and now I need to be able to get with the detectives to talk and to see where this will all go. The last 24 hours have been so upsetting, and I have shed a few tears over all of this. My love to all who have supported me in allowing me to call and talk and to keep them updated. As of right now Brian is facing two charges 1) Misdemeanor for theft(though this could change to felony) and 2) felony charge for trafficing of stolen property.
I can only hope that maybe this will--in the end make Brian realize that if you do things like this, there are consequences. I hope he is able to get help mentally.

Thankyou all