Wednesday, November 01, 2006

post halloween

i'm still tired from last night. had a fairly good time. Kelly really got into the trick or treat and saying "not this house" if the lights weren't on. Wyatt was a trooper. people got such a kick out of him. the very first house we go to is our neighbors Don and Brenda. the kids walk up and say trick or treat and they open the door and Wyatt walks right IN their house. we were laughing so hard, and at first i was embarrassed but we couldn't stop laughing. i apologized while laughing and he didn't do it again. we did both sides of our street then drove over to grandmoms and did the 4 houses on hers that were lit. my mother in law had only 2 kids by 7pm. one neighbor gave the kids handfuls of candy. and this year everybody was handing out the good stuff. CANDY BARS!!! after grandmoms we took my cranky kids over to grandpa and aunt kims for more. kelly was so done that we just went to one house then pops. I swear their bags were half full from the few houses we went to. oh and yeah mommy was a kitty cat. wyatt kept meowing at me when were at pops house. so anyway came home took a fast bath and headed to bed.
***Pictures still will not post****
I was told this morning that Kelly needed candy for breakfast. right, sure. i don't think so miss.
** okay wish me luck on tonight and my first event photo shoot. I've been reading and studying since yesterday. Take LOTS of photos, carry extra cards and batteries. I can do it. I Believe in myself.
" Use your imagination not to scare yourself to death but to inspire yorself to life" - Adele Brookman
I love quotes and hope to end all post from now on with one. C


Anonymous said...

you know that whatever you do, you will do a good job! I'm glad that you enjoyed trick or treating, I haven't went yet since my divorce, last year was surgery, this year a two hour lecture on cellular biology. anyway I 4.0 medical terminology, and I only have 8 weeks til I start nursing school. Talk soon

ma said...

CARRIE--- you did not tell me that Kris was taking nursing--how cool is that. Very Good area to go into.
I loved Halloween--even with having to work on Homework, I got an "A" on it so it was worth not being able to REALLY do halloween.
Have to go to work
The kids were too cool on halloween I want them to grow up to know its a night of fun and scaring the daylights out of little kids-hey I live for that night OHHHHH