Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tres Amigos

is different. they have so many steps for the computer that my mind is boggling. The people are great and sooo laid back but it's gonna take me a few days to adjust but overall it is very easy. it's also nice to be on my way home at 9:30 at night. but oh so different from what i know. i think i'm gonna like it once i get more comfortable.
the one sticky point is that i get paid opposite weeks than rob. where this will work nice later, right now it's gonna take some adjusting.
* okay the yahoos over at two peas have gotten me hooked on this live camera that overlooks a watering hole in africa. yeah i haven't seen any animals yet but it's kinda cool to hear all the noises. hit this link
i swear i keep checking back in every time i hear a different noise. the two peas ladies are always starting topics about what they have seen so now i'm hooked. i want to show the kids a zebra or something. rob came home from work yesterday and asked what that noise was. when i told him the back story he just shook his head at me.
* finished up the christmas tree yesterday and kelly helped. i'll post pictures later. you can tell because lots of the ornaments are grouped together. kinda cute and i'm not gonna change it.
Okay i'm sitting here in my pj's and robe typing this out and listening to the sounds of the african savannah. do ya have a good visual? how pathetic am i? I JUST SAW A COUPLE OF GAZZELLE DRINKING WATER AND WALKING AROUND. THIS IS SOO COOL ! i called kelly over and she got a kick out of it. it's getting close to their busy time so hopefully we'll see more.
Seriously i need to shower and get dressed. i'll post tree/ kelly pict later today. hugs C

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