Sunday, January 27, 2008

It has been a beautiful cloudy rainy day today. So Perfect.
I took the kids to their soon- to- be cousin Claytons 5th birthday party. The party was not nearly as rambunctious as it could have been but the kids did have plenty of fun. Wyatt had so much fun that he wore himself out and he fell asleep on the way home.

Almost all of these photos were taken just a few minutes ago as we were playing around.

As you can see it is a family affair!

Sorry the camera was set to auto and I couldn't get a good shutter speed to blur our tongues wiggling back and forth.

(Our newest recruit. He practices daily to become as good as his Master.)

Of course here is our resident tongue wagging Master, he taught the kids everything they know.

(One day young pada-wan learner you too could be as good as your Master. Have patience.)

You can't tell in this picture but Wyatt was licking my finger as he swished his tongue.

(Here is the other Master, unfortunatly she only made master status because the elders felt sorry for her short tongue.)

May the tongue wagging force be with us, always.

So now we have come to photos from the other day. This is the typical Wyatt man behavior. This huffiness is usually followed by the required,"No Mommy!"
Getting the re-enactment isn't has fun as the original but we do strive to achieve. It's pretty hard to get Wyatt to copy his typical 3 yr old brattiness because the boy just wants to see every picture that I take of him.
So what is a Mom to do??? Well just make said kid mad again and TA-DAH.

We hope you have enjoyed today's typical Ross craziness.
PS-Right now Wyatt is playing in the empty laundry basket, oh excuse me, his bathtub he says. I'll post photos tomorrow.
Night Y'all
Love Carrie


Julie G. said...

Hey there!! It's great to see the pictures..your kids are growing so darn doesn't seem that long ago that I was holding 3 month old Wyatt!! sigh....

I have been a bad blogger..been really, really busy at work and home. Let's scrap soon!

ma said...

Hey Carrie....I absolutely love these pictures...keep it up, the candid shots are wonderful