Thursday, January 03, 2008

So I had a doctor appointment yesterday.
I was nervous because last week I has some bleeding. Well according to the doctor my cervix is closed, long and soft. I look great internally. My sugars are pretty much under control even the morning ones. I also have lost 8 lbs according to their scale. We tried to listen for the heartbeat but couldn't catch it. Of course I started to worry even more but she said it was normal and also a little early. Course my extra layers don't help much. I will go back on the 16th and we will take another listen. Because of my bleeding I'm on what the doc calls "light life", no long walks, no sex, no lifting.

I must say that my doctor and her nurse are the best I have ever had. I don't feel rushed, I can ask anything and they will call ME and see how I'M doing. Just cool and she is very thurough.

Before I forget-- Happy Birthday Mikey!!

He turns the BIG 30 today.


Teri said...


Julie Glass said...

It is great to have doctors and nurses you enjoy talking to you who actually speak like you are a person!!! I'm glad you are feeling better...REST!!!

ma said...

Happy New Year everyone....hope all the best to everyone near and far :)

Hard to believe that it is my baby's 30th that must make me...uhhhh, 39, yep that sounds good!!!! Love you son.


Anonymous said...

Wow I forgot that Mikey is right up there! He isn't too far behind
Love ya