Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This week is turning out to be very sad.
We found out on sunday night that our friend Marc's mom passed away. Cindy or Ma as we called her, died from breathing problems. Cindy was maybe in her late 50's. I met her when Rob and I started dating. We would all occasionally hang out at her house, her kids(marc, christina, lexi), kim and anyone else were always welcome. About 2 yrs ago her youngest Lexi passed away after a medical overdose of pain meds at/from the hospital after a motorcyle accident. According to Cindy's other daughter Christina after Lexi's death Ma just gave up and was very depressed. The funeral has been set for this Friday.
Today we received a call that Mikey's friend Brian (the one that my mom put in jail for stealing) passed away yesterday. Brian was back home in Michigan and was doing well until recently when he started doing drugs again. So as of right now we are not sure if he overdosed or he commited suicide. We are understanding that his sister found him and his dad is overseas in the military. Hopefully by tonight we will know about funeral arrangements because mike might be going back.
So many memories about these two people. No matter what, they will be missed.


Anonymous said...

Hey still no news on any funeral arrangements for Brian. Other than that I have attempted to catch up on the blog, but I have a TON of homework and two exams to study for. I will keep in touch and you do the same. Have Rob kiss your belly for me, since I cant be there in person to pester the heck out of you. lol Love ya, Kris

ma said...

On the day that Brian was leaving Tucson, he said to me that he would pay me back for all the things that he had taken, and I told him that what was more important was that he stay straight, out of trouble,go to college if thats what he wanted. All I wanted was good things for him..so to hear that this has happened...well, it saddens me, that Brian felt that there was nothing out there for him. Brian, wherever you are I hope you now are at peace.