Friday, March 06, 2009

First a quick prayer for my friend Kristie, she is in the process in adopting a baby girl and the birth mother is changing her mind.
Lord, provide this family with your strength and wisdom in this hard time. please Father help this mother do what is best for her baby. That raising a child is not all sunshine and rainbows and that it is hard work and she will need lots of support. Know matter what the outcome Father please be with Kristie in staying in touch with this young mother to be the support she needs. May Your will be in the decision. Amen

My goals for the year- I refuse to say resolutions- have dipped here and there. I have two and a half that I'm faltering on. One I haven't made my photo idea calendar or finished my two peas photo class, I haven't been posting to the challenge every week, but I have taken the photo to post. I believe that is it.
I have been thinking about my blogging the last few weeks and I started this just journal our every day life. I use this blog to put down things I would other wise forget. To be honest I forget lots of things lately. So I tend to get very hard on myself when I don't blog on a regular occurrence.
When it comes to scrapping I use this blog to fill in any holes of my memory and match memory with pictures.
A re commitment is due.
I, Carrie Ross, do solemnly swear to blog a minimum of weekly, to tell my story and to perserve my memory of my children for use in future blackmail.

Photo #1- The African daisies are blooming in my mother in laws neighborhood and this one shot was taken in her back 40 area.
Photo #2- Our family went Thursday the 26th to the Sonoran Desert Museum. I switched camera bags and forgot my extra battery so I only got a few photos before it died. We had a very nice time and are now members so we can visit any time for free with our pass. Yeah more photo ops! Wyatt loved walking the trails and was on a constant move while Kelly grouched and complained most of the trip. Rob and I agree that we need to do this more often so that the kids will one day appreciate it.

Photo #3- I heard about this coupler ring that you can put two lenses together and make a super macro. The ring is only eight dollars and it has been fun to use. Granted you have to be able to get within a half inch and there is a very narrow focus but you can do some cool things.
Photo #4- I was in a hurry this last Sunday, Rob was preaching and had left early so I was trying to get everything done. Now that Chelsea sits up so well I gave her a quick bath in the sink. I must say she liked it but I don't believe as much as she does splashing in the bathtub.
Can you believe Chelsea is now 8 months old? I need to do her Mr. Bear picture.

Last Saturday I hung with the girls to chat and scrap. I think we did more chatting than anything else. I even brought my camera but I spaced out having Julie's daughter take our photo around the table. Well next time they are hanging here and I will get another chance for a group shot.
What's up this weekend. Tomorrow we are heading up to Phoenix to visit their zoo. I was talking to the kids today and they are soooo excited. Nina is coming along too. I didn't realize how much mom and I missed when we did the walk last year. This time I am coming fully loaded. It's not like I can just go any ol time I want. Plus I LOVE animal pictures. I'm thinking about doing a small wall of my favorite zoo shots. ooh maybe I'll do a mini album.
I must say I have felt extremely busy the last few weeks. I have spent one day just backing up photos onto dvd's for myself and my mom. Just doing that to a weight off. Granted it should have been done a while ago. My new neighbor was burglarized and the theives took their external hard drive with all the pictures of their young son on it a couple of weeks ago. It broke my heart and spurred me into action.
Coming soon...... kids first dental visits

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Anonymous said...

I aplogize for not checking your blog site, but the time has flown. It's Tuesday, after going to the zoo, but I wanted to add my prayers to yours for Kristie, having given up a daughter for adoption, I can both synpathize and relate to this situation, not easy on anyone, especially when the heart is involved.
My little Chelsea...such a beautiful little girl, with those big blue eyes ( and they seem to be staying blue) she just looks at you, and you have to wonder what things she is thinking.