Saturday, March 28, 2009

So, It's Saturday morning with just Chelsea and myself. Rob is landscaping and the older kids are at Grandma's. What am I currently doing? I'm on the computer (obviously) feeding Miss C one handed and listening to cartoons. Hey, when you don't have cable this is what you get. Plus I don't feel so alone if the tv is on.

I've done a load of laundry, dishwasher is running, camera batteries charging, house is picked up. I'm waiting for Chelsea to take her morning nap so I can go clean my bedroom. My goal is to spring clean my house and finally get my hallway emptied out and put away.
Chelsea is officially 9 months old as of yesterday, she is weighing in at 18 lbs and 6oz and 28 1/2 inches long. Still has one tooth. Has started to take 2 hour morning naps (yeah). Chelsea has had mash potatoes, spaghetti sauce and a taste of peanut butter. Chelsea is wearing clothes from 6-9 months to 12 months. Chelsea is wanting to stand more and is no longer content to just sit nicely on my lap. Baby girl loves to growl and blow raspberries an all around easy baby and she loves just about anyone who holds her. She still likes to yank my hair out but usually goes for my jewelry instead.
(Chelsea is almost asleep in my arms) Yesterday at the doctor she got three shots an oral vaccine and a finger prick, an she is practically perfect in every way. Can you guess what movie that line came from?????
After the doctors appointment I had to take Kelly over to the dentist for her last appointment. Chelsea slept the entire time Kelly was in the office. I heard the dentist say they were all done kiddo and I looked down and Chelsea was just starting to wake up. How nice was that.
Tomorrow I'll be up at the butt crack of dawn to go take photos of My friend Julie and Mom's friend Kelly as they are participating in a half marathon up in oro valley. Which is about 40+ minutes from my house and starts at 7 am.
The midget is now sound asleep and is getting very heavy, so I'm off to go clean my room.
Enjoy your weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Good morning, I love this picture..of course the older kids arn't paying any attention to you, just the typical.

Ms. Chelsea is such a sweetie, and she was so good at the resturant the other night. Outside of everyone stopping to speak to her, you hardly knew that there was a wee one with us.

It's been a busy weekend, wow, did it go by fast. But I have to admit that yesterday was too cool. As you said daughter we went to support our friends in a half marathon, 13.1 miles to be exact. I am so impressed with these people, absolutely amazing. I had a wonderful time, got to spend time with my daughter, And go to a scrapbooking just can't beat that.

Well, I'm off to work, have a great week everyone....