Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Chelsea!!

We are both stained pink from the frosting on this cupcake.
She had a great day and did a great job.
This week was emotional for me seeing how much she has changed and knowing Chelsea is my last. I found myself getting teary eyed several times just out of the blue.
Soon Chelsea will be walking and talking (and it's all downhill from there :) )

The weather for the party was hot and muggy. We had two fans going on outside to move the air around and even got the sprinkler going to bring us some relief. The house was cooler but not everyone and kids could fit.

Chelsea got lots of cute new outfits and pj's, which she needed and a couple of toys.
I think her favorite things were throwing the tissue paper and trying to EAT the tissue paper.

We have a whole box of cupcakes left. I think the plan is to separate and freeze them. Right now Daddy,Chelsea and Wyatt are crashed out on the couches and Kelly is playing quietly with her stuffed animals.

The summer monsoon has started, the clouds have rolled in and we have gotten some sprinkles. Could have used this weather like 2 hours earlier. Oh well it was a good birthday.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

I am completely disappointed right now. I just found out that Rob will not be getting the Mangers position at work because he needs 2-5 years of mgr experience. In order for him to get that experience we have to move to another branch so that he can first become a supervisor of some kind and work his way up. Tucson's branch is too small and doesn't offer the options he needs.

Oh goodness gracious I 'm on Facebook.
Well Rob is on Facebook but I do all the work. I refuse to get addicted to this site, half our church is on here and our pastor was encouraging us to sign up. Rob was wondering what was going on with their 20 year class reunion. *cough* cough* 20 years!
Wow, were getting old, but we don't feel that old.
Anyway Rob was wondering about the reunion and was told all info was on Facebook. So he signed up. Now were are getting friend requests and I'm like WTH is this about what has he gotten us into?!
I have been avoiding this site like the plague because everyone says it's addicting and I have enough crap to do. Now I'm trying to navigate it's waters and I feel like a whale in a lake. (interesting analogy)

Finished the cupcake toppers last night and I will get started on the banner today. The kids and I are off to Costco to order cupcakes and tonight the kiddos minus Chelsea are spending the night at Grandma's!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thanks Julie!

Ladies meet Van Ross our Volkswagon Routan Baby3000.
How funny.
I think I really appreciate how well my real babies turned out! Haha
Of course this is the only way I'll be able to name my baby boy Van.
But the extreme irony is that he was made from a van promoted website.

Off to continue making toppers! The party supplies showed up yesterday afternoon.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Recap on Saturday's races.
I thought my kids would be so excited to see a car that had Lightning McQueen and the gang on it as it went around the track. Boy was I wrong! My kids could have cared less. Don't get me wrong they did a great job but by the end of the night Wyatt had fallen asleep on the bleachers and Kelly was dropping fast. But how could I blame them when it is 10pm and they are usually in bed by 8pm.
Actually Mommy did something smart. I brought their jammies with us and they changed in the car afterward. This way when we got home we could just put them straight to bed with little whining and drama.
Now both kids have said they would like to go again and we shall see.
They did get a kick out of being hit with the flying mud though.

Otherwise we are gearing up and making final preparations for Miss C's 1st birthday.

The decorations should hopefully arrive today and I need to do the toppers and the banner. Yes, I still need to get them done.
Home church is tonight and then tomorrow I will get cracking.
Really nothing interesting going on.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Look what popped through! Maybe this will explain why Chelsea has slept through the night the last 4 nights!!Her Highness's grouchiness has diminished also.

It's so hard to look in her mouth because the little stinker clams up tight. So in order to see whats going on, we flip Chelsea over to make her laugh and we take a looksee. Getting two teeth at once, geesh no wonder she has been such a pain lately. But happily this makes 6 teeth now.
Better to eat your birthday cake with next Saturday.
Have a great weekend. Create lots of beautiful things.

PS Julie loses the blogging challenge!!!! hehehe


Friday, June 19, 2009

Had a real good time at the movie tonight with the kids. Both Kelly and Wyatt said they liked it and Wyatt asked if we could buy the dvd. Since it's at the cheap theatres it should be released very soon. Maybe a birthday present??

Stopped at Joanns after the movie cuz Mom wanted some of those $1 stamps and almost all of them are gone!
The hummingbird and butterfly, cat, cupcake, gecko, owl, turtle, 3 birds, winged bird and the happy birthday are all gone.

I'm hoping to work on some cards during this weekend. I'll post if any of them stand out and scream,"I'm cute".

The first orchid bloom of the season

We were so excited when we started getting buds on our orchid this spring.

You see, the first stem that grew was accidentally broken and we thought that we would have to wait till next year to see some blooms. Imagine my surprise when Rob informed me another stalk was coming up.

When I noticed that the flower was about to pop I thought it would be pretty cool to capture it in pictures.

I didn't color correct any of these because I took them at different times of the day. These one bud popped in about a day and a half.

So first photo was Wednesday morning

Second photo Wednesday afternoon

Third shot was Wednesday evening

Last shot was actually this morning but I should have done it yesterday

What's great is that the flowers last for several days so I have many
opportunites to take pictures.

Now the orchid that Rob is getting Sunday is a solid pink.

Oy the weekend is here.

We are planning on taking the kids to the cheap theatres to see Monsters vs. Aliens but if those two don't stop fighting I don't want to be seen in public with them.

Rob and I have been planning this all week and were originally going Monday evening but it didn't work out so we set the goal for this evening. We don't have to go I can wait for the dvd. My thought was to do some fun things this summer with the kids and going to the movies is fun. But man are they trying my patience.

Saturday night the plan is to take the older kids to the dirt track races. Their first time. My brother and I went with our parents quite a bit growing up and just recently we began going. Not much has changed in the circle track world, and I think people watching is my favorite part.

Sunday we will be doing some family grilling on the bbq and I will be helping my mom do her presentation for her class. I know we are doing something with the cricut. Should be very interesting.

After more frustration I'm getting rid of the darn signature. It's a pain in the butt.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

After much frustration this is the best that I can do with having a signature. It sure didn't help that the power went out for a minute and I had to start over. How freaking exhausting. I hate when I cannot figure something out or get it to work the way I want it to.
Here is Kelly making Chelsea laugh like no one else can.
I love my girls.


Not really, this is what Rob and his mom call these lillies. I don't remember how many years ago we received these flowers but they are a joy every summer.

The original flower came from Rob's grandmothers home in Mississippi. His mom brought the flowers back from one of her trips seeing family. Once they bloomed and needed to be separated we received some. Now we've had to split them up a couple of times and even in the "dry heat" of AZ they flourish. Granted they are facing north so they don't get full sun but they are doing great.

I love when flowers bloom. I think our favorite flowers are irises and lillies.

I was curious and went looking for other photos. July 2005 Wow.

I know I run the risk of my Dad seeing this but I like how it turned out and wanted to show it off.

See my Dad is a big Earnhardt fan, and not being the typical Hallmark dad finding any type of card for him is hard.

So long story short. I saw a Fathers Day card on that had Grumpy from the seven dwarfs. My thought was to make a card like that but it soon spiraled into my dad's interests and since I have the cars cart and Chick Hicks kind of look like Big E's monte carlo I thought I would give it a try. The one embellishment that I was to chicken to put on teh car was the Goodyear sticker done in rubons across the bumper. I was too afraid it wouldn't be straight so I didn't do it. Overall I like how it turned out.

To make it into a card I cut two shadows and a small strip of paper scored and glued to each shadow piece. I'll save the inside for Dad. Granted it's going to be late getting in the mail but that's usual for us.

Wyatt just saw the picture and informed me that,"I did him wrong, he's suppose to be green." Almost five year old what can I say.

Our orchid just popped it's first flower of the summer. I'll post some pictures later today. It looks like we will have about 10 blooms this year. Pretty soon Lady Orchid will have a buddy. Rob's mom is getting him another orchid for Father's Day but since Rob doesn't read my blog I haven't ruined the surprise.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thanks to the ladies on the Cricut message board for the heads up and my need for pink and purple glitter I was enabled/inspired to check out these cool new stamps at Joann's.

I walked away with 19 of these little suckers, but since I have been making so many cards I feel a little justified in my purchase.

Just please don't tell me husband...okay??.... thx

Naw he won't care. He is good like that. He supports my obsession. Hell there have been times when he has encouraged me to buy a few things.

(mom) remember to click on the picture to make it bigger, cause I think you are really going to like the bulldog stamp.

I think there were maybe two stamps that I didn't purchase. But it has been a long time since I saw cute studio g stamps.

From talking to the lady at Michaels they should be doing a dollar bin redo in the next week or so also. Hopefully new stamps???

It's a sick obsession I tell you.

Well, what do you think of the changes??

I'm still trying to figure a few things out about buttons but thanks to Julie I have gotten a start.

who knows maybe I'll change the background more often.

since I will be blogging more this week I'm hoarding my pictures so that every post has at least one picture.

Our sweet baby Braxton, just chillin on his bed. I think he is one of the Best Dogs we have ever loved.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A big owwie

Sunday after church Wyatt had a mishap. I'm not sure if he ran into the door or pulled the door open and his foot got caught. Yeah he's got a bad owwie.
We are certainly positive that he will be losing his big toe nail. I dread this whole healing process. I know what it's like to lose a big toe nail.
My poor baby, at least once a day he has smacked it on something and that brings a round of crying and we soak it in a tub of lukewarm water.
if you have a weak stomach don't look at the next photo.

One of the moms at church almost lost it because there was a little bit of blood dripping on the floor.
Wyatt's injury was bad enough that we have gotten calls from other church members checking on him. So sweet of them.

Bring it On!!

So Julie was teasing me a few minutes ago about updating the ol' blog and I issued a challenge. Who will blog the most from now until Friday? It doesn't have to be anything specific but it can't be just a sentence either.

I figure I will win. Ha Ha Ha (insert very evil laugh)

With how much time I spend on the computer, this should be easy.

Of course it also sets me up for why don't I blog as much if I AM at the computer so much.

Maybe this will make me a better blogger, ya know like when I first started.

So I was lurking on the cricut messageboard and saw a cool Father's Day card. That led to a couple of ideas for a card to make for my dad. I will get cracking later because tonight is our home church group (moved from Thursdays to Tuesday's) and I don't forsee much free time.

I also need to make sample cards for a presentation that mom has to give on Friday and use those cards at our Ladies night this coming Monday.

Hey anyone want to come to Ladies night? Food, drink, conversation and crafting or conversation, or learn a new craft, or conversation. You know us women, we like to talk. And hey there is booze if we want it.

And since almost every post for me has to have a photo. Random shot taken Saturday.
It's a struggle to get Wyatt to actually look at the camera, he would rather look at the tv, but the sticker is constantly asking to either take the shot or have me take it.
Photo taken by Kelly

Friday, June 12, 2009

Over the years

This photo was taken a few minutes ago.
I was cruising blogs and came to Cathy Z's, she sparked my curiosity about what photos were taken around the same time every year.
Photo today, of course
Chelsea loves my camera, heck she loves my cell phone camera too. Given the opportunity she reaches for my camera strap or trying to touch the lens.

June 2008.
Chelsea will be here in a couple of weeks.

Kelly June 2007.
a couple of days after I got home from Paris, Kelly wanted to get her ears pierced

Kelly June 2006.
Besides writing on herself she and Wyatt wrote all over her wall.
I'm embarrassed to say that we still haven't painted over their "artwork". But her whole room will be remodeled in August.
Shhh... don't tell Kelly, it's a early birthday surprise.

i miss those curls.

Wyatt and Braxton June 2005
Wyatt was almost one and Braxton was maybe two months old.

I should get a current picture of those two together.

Goodness Chelsea looks a lot like her big brother.

So this is what 4 years of June's looks like, my how my babies have grown. How are family has grown.

I wonder what 4 years looks like at your house?

**Hey! Chelsea has started to clap her hands and say Uh oh!!**
Have a great weekend

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Can you believe it's been almost a year already. Can I PLEASE turn back the clock? I spent most of the past weekend just making the invitations for Chlesea's party. I still need to do the birthday banner and the cupcake toppers.
Why is it when you finish a project you almost always see something you would do differently. I'm now looking at them and thinking I should have put some patterned/striped paper behind the scalloped oval. There done, that's all that matters.

Month 10
starting to wave and say no or nananana. wants to stand all the time, and walks along the furniture. Very unsteady. Chelsea is taking 1 two hour nap a day, Yeah!

Still has four teeth, wearing 6-9 or 12 month clothes. Scoots along the floor and is getting fast at it.
For some reason Chelsea likes to eat and pull out my hair. It's almost soothing for her and she has fallen asleep several times doing this.

11 months,
Can I please return for a different model? More teeth are coming in and she is a grouch. Chelsea's hair is getting thicker and a slight curl in the back like Kelly had. Her eyes are still that beautiful blue.
Waves bye and says bababab when Daddy leaves, When Grandmom or Nina leaves she just fusses or cries. Getting better at walking along the furniture and has taken one step here and there but that's it.
Chelsea doesn't want anything really to do with Mr. Bear and I will be happy when I can take this last picutre because this kid does NOT want to sit still and she keep shoving the bear away.
Chelsea is still eating hair but I'm trying to stop her because it hurts when she pulls and she is pulling out quite a bit of my hair.

Wyatt is anxiously awaiting the first day of Kindergarten. I swear he asks every single day.
Lately, in the morning whether I want one or not Wyatt will bring me a can of coke. Most days it will sit beside me for a couple of hours before I crack it open.
Oh and the things that Wyatt says. Oh goodness he is funny. Unfortunately I keep forgetting to write them down so my bad.
A couple of weeks ago I cleaned Wyatt's room, it was looking pretty good. I told Kelly that she needed to start cleaning hers. By this I mean books on the bookshelves and dirty clothes in her hamper. Okay, Kelly decides that whatever she doesn't want to deal with she will either put it in the hallway or she shoved it into Wyatt's room. The cousins show up about an hour later. Between all the kids they thrash Wyatt's room again. So last week I spent 3 hours on Kelly's room and 2 bags of garbage later her room was looking good. Two days later I tackle Wyatt's room again. 2 hours and 1 more bag of garbage and his room is neat and tidy. Almost all of the mess was Kelly's! She shoved stuff under his chair, under Chelsea's crib. Oy a mess. I have been very dilligent since last Friday and their rooms have remained clean. A major accomplishment for me to stay on top of them but dang it that mess was just awful. I can now walk to their beds without fear of breaking my neck. I really should have taken before and after pictures, it was worth documenting.
Off to make the heathens lunch.
I am hoping tonight to get more work done on the scraproom, so that Rob can get his drums up and I can reach all my stuff.