Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Can you believe it's been almost a year already. Can I PLEASE turn back the clock? I spent most of the past weekend just making the invitations for Chlesea's party. I still need to do the birthday banner and the cupcake toppers.
Why is it when you finish a project you almost always see something you would do differently. I'm now looking at them and thinking I should have put some patterned/striped paper behind the scalloped oval. There done, that's all that matters.

Month 10
starting to wave and say no or nananana. wants to stand all the time, and walks along the furniture. Very unsteady. Chelsea is taking 1 two hour nap a day, Yeah!

Still has four teeth, wearing 6-9 or 12 month clothes. Scoots along the floor and is getting fast at it.
For some reason Chelsea likes to eat and pull out my hair. It's almost soothing for her and she has fallen asleep several times doing this.

11 months,
Can I please return for a different model? More teeth are coming in and she is a grouch. Chelsea's hair is getting thicker and a slight curl in the back like Kelly had. Her eyes are still that beautiful blue.
Waves bye and says bababab when Daddy leaves, When Grandmom or Nina leaves she just fusses or cries. Getting better at walking along the furniture and has taken one step here and there but that's it.
Chelsea doesn't want anything really to do with Mr. Bear and I will be happy when I can take this last picutre because this kid does NOT want to sit still and she keep shoving the bear away.
Chelsea is still eating hair but I'm trying to stop her because it hurts when she pulls and she is pulling out quite a bit of my hair.

Wyatt is anxiously awaiting the first day of Kindergarten. I swear he asks every single day.
Lately, in the morning whether I want one or not Wyatt will bring me a can of coke. Most days it will sit beside me for a couple of hours before I crack it open.
Oh and the things that Wyatt says. Oh goodness he is funny. Unfortunately I keep forgetting to write them down so my bad.
A couple of weeks ago I cleaned Wyatt's room, it was looking pretty good. I told Kelly that she needed to start cleaning hers. By this I mean books on the bookshelves and dirty clothes in her hamper. Okay, Kelly decides that whatever she doesn't want to deal with she will either put it in the hallway or she shoved it into Wyatt's room. The cousins show up about an hour later. Between all the kids they thrash Wyatt's room again. So last week I spent 3 hours on Kelly's room and 2 bags of garbage later her room was looking good. Two days later I tackle Wyatt's room again. 2 hours and 1 more bag of garbage and his room is neat and tidy. Almost all of the mess was Kelly's! She shoved stuff under his chair, under Chelsea's crib. Oy a mess. I have been very dilligent since last Friday and their rooms have remained clean. A major accomplishment for me to stay on top of them but dang it that mess was just awful. I can now walk to their beds without fear of breaking my neck. I really should have taken before and after pictures, it was worth documenting.
Off to make the heathens lunch.
I am hoping tonight to get more work done on the scraproom, so that Rob can get his drums up and I can reach all my stuff.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not going to say it....yes I's about dang time that you blogged again. Every day I would get on with the hopes that it had happened, so now Whoooeee!!!!!

I love the invitations, I know I saw the makings of them last weekend, but still so cute. And I especially like the fact that you made them, later when the kids get older they will appreciate what their mom did for them, it will be good, now I have to say that it might be twenty years down that road, but at some point they will understand.
Now for my part in all of this I need to get the rest of the things ordered...Today. The days just fly past me, and then I look back and say...Huh!!!!!!!!
Off to work, have agreat week everyone, my love and prayers to all near and far.