Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Chelsea!!

We are both stained pink from the frosting on this cupcake.
She had a great day and did a great job.
This week was emotional for me seeing how much she has changed and knowing Chelsea is my last. I found myself getting teary eyed several times just out of the blue.
Soon Chelsea will be walking and talking (and it's all downhill from there :) )

The weather for the party was hot and muggy. We had two fans going on outside to move the air around and even got the sprinkler going to bring us some relief. The house was cooler but not everyone and kids could fit.

Chelsea got lots of cute new outfits and pj's, which she needed and a couple of toys.
I think her favorite things were throwing the tissue paper and trying to EAT the tissue paper.

We have a whole box of cupcakes left. I think the plan is to separate and freeze them. Right now Daddy,Chelsea and Wyatt are crashed out on the couches and Kelly is playing quietly with her stuffed animals.

The summer monsoon has started, the clouds have rolled in and we have gotten some sprinkles. Could have used this weather like 2 hours earlier. Oh well it was a good birthday.


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KreatesKards said...

Happy 1st Birthday. Looks like she LOVED the cake. Looks yummy too.