Thursday, June 25, 2009

I am completely disappointed right now. I just found out that Rob will not be getting the Mangers position at work because he needs 2-5 years of mgr experience. In order for him to get that experience we have to move to another branch so that he can first become a supervisor of some kind and work his way up. Tucson's branch is too small and doesn't offer the options he needs.

Oh goodness gracious I 'm on Facebook.
Well Rob is on Facebook but I do all the work. I refuse to get addicted to this site, half our church is on here and our pastor was encouraging us to sign up. Rob was wondering what was going on with their 20 year class reunion. *cough* cough* 20 years!
Wow, were getting old, but we don't feel that old.
Anyway Rob was wondering about the reunion and was told all info was on Facebook. So he signed up. Now were are getting friend requests and I'm like WTH is this about what has he gotten us into?!
I have been avoiding this site like the plague because everyone says it's addicting and I have enough crap to do. Now I'm trying to navigate it's waters and I feel like a whale in a lake. (interesting analogy)

Finished the cupcake toppers last night and I will get started on the banner today. The kids and I are off to Costco to order cupcakes and tonight the kiddos minus Chelsea are spending the night at Grandma's!

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