Friday, June 12, 2009

Over the years

This photo was taken a few minutes ago.
I was cruising blogs and came to Cathy Z's, she sparked my curiosity about what photos were taken around the same time every year.
Photo today, of course
Chelsea loves my camera, heck she loves my cell phone camera too. Given the opportunity she reaches for my camera strap or trying to touch the lens.

June 2008.
Chelsea will be here in a couple of weeks.

Kelly June 2007.
a couple of days after I got home from Paris, Kelly wanted to get her ears pierced

Kelly June 2006.
Besides writing on herself she and Wyatt wrote all over her wall.
I'm embarrassed to say that we still haven't painted over their "artwork". But her whole room will be remodeled in August.
Shhh... don't tell Kelly, it's a early birthday surprise.

i miss those curls.

Wyatt and Braxton June 2005
Wyatt was almost one and Braxton was maybe two months old.

I should get a current picture of those two together.

Goodness Chelsea looks a lot like her big brother.

So this is what 4 years of June's looks like, my how my babies have grown. How are family has grown.

I wonder what 4 years looks like at your house?

**Hey! Chelsea has started to clap her hands and say Uh oh!!**
Have a great weekend

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Anonymous said...

When I look back over the last four years...all I can say is wow!!!
I am almost finished in school, Mikey is married and they are pregnant, and my babies are all growing up...yeh alot has happened in four years