Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Recap on Saturday's races.
I thought my kids would be so excited to see a car that had Lightning McQueen and the gang on it as it went around the track. Boy was I wrong! My kids could have cared less. Don't get me wrong they did a great job but by the end of the night Wyatt had fallen asleep on the bleachers and Kelly was dropping fast. But how could I blame them when it is 10pm and they are usually in bed by 8pm.
Actually Mommy did something smart. I brought their jammies with us and they changed in the car afterward. This way when we got home we could just put them straight to bed with little whining and drama.
Now both kids have said they would like to go again and we shall see.
They did get a kick out of being hit with the flying mud though.

Otherwise we are gearing up and making final preparations for Miss C's 1st birthday.

The decorations should hopefully arrive today and I need to do the toppers and the banner. Yes, I still need to get them done.
Home church is tonight and then tomorrow I will get cracking.
Really nothing interesting going on.


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