Wednesday, June 02, 2010

At first I thought about showing all my favorite photos from the concert but unless I hear from the gallery (you) I stay with this one photo.
I know it has been a week since the concert but time seems to get away from me now that the kids are constantly underfoot.
Let me tell you about my experience. We walked into this room that is filled with Star Wars memorabilia. Scattered throughout are some people in character that you can take pictures with. The lines for the characters were very long and I must say Darth Vader was not nearly tall enough to suit me but it was cool all the same.
Upon entering the TCC there were signs stating no cameras allowed. I assumed this was geared toward people with their point and shoots and flash photography. Not a problem for me because I don't need to use a flash. So the concert begins, and I'm getting some great shots, I'm shaking in my excitement and the orchestra is amazing, I'm getting all pumped up. Anthony Daniels aka C3PO does a short narration between segments. Very cool. The concert then takes a 20 minute intermission. During this time I'm standing and holding my camera down beside me. In plain view. the show starts back up and this time it's geared more to the original three movies. Yeehaw! I'm snapping away. Probably the last 15 minutes a lady comes up to us and says that I need to turn off the camera or have it checked in. So I put down the camera and try to enjoy the remainder of the show. Occasionally I look up and they are watching me. This makes me twitchy. I aim my camera down and turn off the review screen.
Really this is probably how they caught me.
When I knew there were just a few more minutes left I said "screw it" and took some more pictures.
It was an amazing experience and even taking pictures didn't take away from it. I caught so many of my favorite moments that I can't wait to have the pictures printed out. The company that brought this concert to Tucson did a phenomenal job and I would go again in a heartbeat.
So if you want to see more pictures leave a comment.

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