Thursday, June 24, 2010

Brught to you by the letter...

C!  C is for Chelsea, cute, cuddly, cake, cookies.
This Saturday my midget will be having her 2nd birthday party. We are primarily going with an Elmo theme but who could resist having the crew from Sesame Street stop by?
This past week Miss C has been in rare form.
On Sunday she grabbed my can of coke and spilled it on the keyboard. Unfortunately my attempts to save the keyboard failed and I've been using a mini keyboard which I'm getting used to for the interim. Mom gave us a ergonomic keyboard but I haven't hooked it up yet.

So lets back track shall we?
Friday night at the local ball park is fireworks Friday. I dragged the whole family out there thinking that the fireworks would go off about 9pm. Umm, yeah, they go off at 10 pm. I normally don't let me kids stay up that late.
 During our wait a random firework went off and scared the daylights out of little Chelsea. Picture hysterical crying and running across the park toward the van. Poor sweetheart. We got her comforted and explained it was okay and what was coming. When the real display went off she was ensconced in Daddy's lap, wrapped snug in his arms. Chelsea enjoyed the lights but not the booms. The older kids were thrilled with the show. Me, I got to practice taking photos. I really wished I had a wide angle lens. The fireworks were right there and I couldn't get back far enough to always fit them in the shot. But good news...this Friday is again Fireworks Friday and I might go out again, this time sans family, maybe :)
Yesterday was also a no nap day for Chelsea, yep that fun, actually it was okay until later in the evening when the fits and crying started. Guess what?
It's naptime right now! Little dear couldn't keep her eyes open this mid morning. Sad new is that I have to wake her in 45 mintues to go have lunch at Grandmom's.
So I spent Tuesday night and most of Wednesday cutting most of the Sesame street characters. Later today I will get them all laminated. Even with the layers they are flopsy and after time the glue starts to unstick.
I've been trying to pack up my scrap room but hit a small snag, my hubby's drum set. The problem is about to be solved, the drums are moving to his mom's house. Then I can finish up the little stuff that that is left.
I actually excited that Chelsea is going to have her own room. I don't know when I will be able to paint the walls but all her toys and her bed, plus I get to decorate. I love to decorate for little girls.
Tomorrow I will bake Chelsea's cake and prepare the fondant to cut out Elmo for the cake. I'm very nervous. It's the perfectionist in me.
I want it to be special, I just need to remember that it's already special because it was home made and with lots of love.
Believe me I will take plenty of pictures.

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Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe that our littliest is 2, she did great, enjoyed all her gifts and even shared with cousin Savannah.
Fact is I'm proud of all my grandkids, no fighting, everyone was great....the only one of my adult kids was Mikey..had to work.

Today is officially Chelsea's birthday sooo HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweetheart.

Love to all