Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chelsea turns 2!!

Oh what a day!
I'm not going to begin to get into the whole cake fiasco because this post is all about Chelsea.
Our little miss had a great day.
Her cousins came over and helped her celebrate turning 2. We kept everything low key this year and I very much enjoyed myself.
What can I say about Chelsea now that she is 2... She can count to five, she loves to take baths or showers, wants to be a candy addict. Chelsea will  sort of eat apples, she chews them up and spits them out but she enjoys eating broccoli and green beans.
Is saying some sentences, like where are we going? Come sit down, me have juice box.
Chelsea enjoys Elmo, Barney and Calliou (the last two are not my faves)
Chelsea enjoys playing with the Zhu Zhu pets and Littlest Pet shop. She loves stuffed animals.
Chels likes to open the door to the dish washer and stand on it to reach items on the counter. Chelsea also enjoys coloring, yep all over my walls, her bedding and herself. I'm now going to be doing some repainting soon. She is definitely a pistol but she keeps life interesting. Plus being so darn cute helps.
Here is her cake. Now I know what everyone says, that it's not important how it looks, but how it tastes, but if you know me, I care about the whole package.  I used the cricut cake to cut out Elmo and the machine cut it out great. My problem stemmed from the fact that I have a swamp cooler and not a/c so even putting the fondant in the freezer didn't help me with getting Elmo off the mat.

Once we began singing Happy Birthday, Chelsea just lit up. She kept looking at everyone while they sang and got such a kick out of all the attention.  She even blew out all her candles with no help from us! She is growing so fast and is becoming such a little girl. My baby has certainly disappeared, well except at bedtime when she snuggles up to us.
Look the the concentration on her face as she contemplates the yumminess of her cake and ice cream. And the cake was a cherry chip with vanilla frosting. All the kids, big and little enjoyed it.

The cousins all played outside for a little bit but it was too darn hot to stay outside for long. They all came back in to open presents and get their goodie bags.
Miss C received an Elmo computer, stuffed Elmo with a talking book, Cookie Monster that sings Ol' MacDonald, a princess piano and other assorted toys.
After everyone went home Rob and I crashed on the couch while the kids played on the floor in front of us. I guess this little party took a lot more out of us than it did the kids!
Now that Chelsea is two we are pretty much guaranteed that the blue eyes are here to stay and I'm praying hard that her gorgeous curls will stay also.
Happy Birthday Chelsea, we love you!

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Anonymous said...

OK, what can I add to Ms. Chelsea being two: When Ms. Chelsea sees me and comes running with "Nina, Nina, Nina" my heart justs wants to burst with the love I feel for her, she demands a kiss and hug and wants to stay close. Ah, there is nothing like the love of a child.
She can be stubborn, and very contrary, loves to do things she know's she is not to do and stand there and smile at you. Yep, thats my Chelsea.
But when she curls up in my arms and wants me to read to her or she just wants to be near me...thats all theat matters.
Lots of love to my Chelsea
Love you lots and lots

Your Nina