Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Thanks to the assistant manager at Michael's I have some photos from my very first demo!
I was super excited that day. Not that I'm not super excited each time I go in but there were people waiting for me to see the cake machine in action.

Last Sunday I got to demo my beloved E, well Michael's pink E. Oh the fun I have, I received the 4 new cartridges Cindy Loo, Mini Monsters, Freshly Picked and Wall Decor and More late Friday afternoon so I didn't have to much time to play before demo time Sat and Sun.
On Saturday I was given the  privilege of training the new demonstrator in Tucson. Lisa and I had a really good time together and time flies when your having fun. Let's hope that this gig continues on for a little while longer, because I'm enjoying it.
This week I have begun the daunting task of organizing and packing up my scrap room. I've made a dent but when I went back to Wally world for more plastic tubs, the tubs were sold out. Bummer!
I was also at walmart for another reason. The new Cricut Lite carts. Crazy Provo Craft decided to give Walmart the exclusive to carry 24 new cartridges that sell for $39 each.
I'm sorry PC but I don't pay $39 for a full cart why would I pay that for a step-up solutions type cartridge?? hmm??
**crickets chirping**
So will I succumb to the peer cricut pressure? My addiction to cricut cartridges?? We shall see. There are some awfully cute images on some of these carts and cool fonts too.

Tonight our home church is getting together to hang out. Rob is smoking some ribs and there will be salads and such. Just time for us to chill out and relax. Hopefully I will get some pictures of tonight.
Can I confess?
I haven't taken ANY photos this month. Yes, I know the month is like 8-9 days old but usually I have taken something. Geesh! I plan to rectify this tonight.
Plus...Monsoon season is coming!! YEAH!!!! I have mapped out my favorite and prime viewing locations...aka, no electrical wires in the way. The season technically starts next week but we usually don't get our first storm until July 4th. soon, soon, soon.
Speaking of July 4th, Rob has promised me this year to get us closer to the fireworks so that I can get some good pictures. I'm also keeping my ear to the radio for activities around Tucson that have fireworks at the end of their programs. I need to practice and heck maybe get better pictures there.
I must crack the whip and get the house straightened up before tonight. Sad thing to say is that most of the stuff is mine. I have once again covered the kitchen table with craft stuff, which I will bring back out tomorrow morning so that I can create some new things to demo and show off this Sunday.
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Anonymous said...

So you have to ask yourself....why NO photo's. I depend on you to do this. The one good thing is that now that i have my new camera I can also take pictures.
I have promised Kelly that she could have the camera that Mark gave me. It's not a great expensive one, but still fairly decent for an eight year old.

Have to head to work...love to everyone