Monday, June 14, 2010

Yesterday was a great selling day!
the whole store atmosphere was happy, chipper, and fresh. It was almost as exciting as my very first week.
This little stack right here is part of the reason why. I had a local cake decorator and store owner come by just to see my demo and ask some questions.
See, she purchased her machine about a month ago but hasn't had the time to use it yet!
She was thinking it was a bit more complicated than it really is and she just needed a boost in her confidence.
After giving her the cake machine demo I showed her the gypsy and explained all the cool features and design things she could do on it. I wasn't pushy and just wanted to give her food for thought. Pun intended.
A while latter she came by with a stack of carts and asked about a good font cartridge. After I saw what was in her cart (gypsy and sleeve) I politely asked if after her purchase could she come back to me so that I could take a picture to send to corporate.
So lets see, price break down: Gypsy 299.99, sleeve 24.99, two carts at 19.99 one at 29.99, one at 39.99, one at 69.99 and 5 at 89.99. She would have purchased 3 more at full price (89.99) but they were out of stock (sucks). The customer total before tax (which I don't think she has to pay) $954!!! Just amazing
A great selling day... Priceless
With this sale and if I sold anything else that I don't know about, I could be up for a $200 bonus for sales, $50 for a compliment from the management and $75 for my photo I sent in with my report. Lots of opportunity. It might be a week or so before I hear though. Bummer.

In other news.. I just got word that a friend of ours, who has been trying to find a job before her disability benefits run out in July, was just informally offered a position in the border patrol! God is Great! We have been praying for her for over a year for a good job in the federal field and man in God's time has he provided! Let go and let God!
After talking to Rob after I heard the good news, he said that today he changed the way he prayed for this situation and asked God to provide her the job she wants today. A couple hours later they call. Awesome!
Dear Father, I want to win the lottery, big money. I want to win this Wednesday. In Jesus name, Amen.
:) Hey, I can ask for anything, it's all in God's time. ;p



Lisa said...

Do you work for pc or the craft store? I would love to do demos!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go daughter, you have a great ability to get people charged up, look what happens to me. We have a standard joke in the family that I can't go shopping with Carrie, it costs me too much money...we start talking, I get geared up and away I go.
Now, some would say that is my fault, and your probably right, but Carrie is a very good sales person, she knows her product and loves it and what she is doing.....a great combination.

Carrie Ross said...

Actually Lisa I work for Provo Craft, or I should say a company hired by PC to do demos. As of right now our contract ends on the 30th of june. It is continues just check the messageboard there is usually a recruiter around.