Wednesday, October 26, 2011

 Last Sunday we loaded up the whole crazy family and trucked it down to Apple Annie's in Wilcox.
I secretly came just for the sunflowers. shh... don't tell the kids OK?
I took more pictures of the sunflowers than I did my family.
Hey, I see them all the time, the sunflowers I get to see maybe once a year.
My only negative comment is toward Mother Nature. I really needed a cloudy day for my photo fun and do you know what she did? Mother Nature provided the cloudy day Monday! I got harsh shadows, really wickedly bright light and blow outs all over the place. Monday the clouds came in and it was just beautiful and no I didn't have the time to drive 1 1/2 to go back.
 I told the kids to pick out a reasonable sized pumpkin that suited them. Kelly picked this apple style, multi hued beauty that I think fits her perfectly. Ms. Chelsea picked a small white one...
and Wyatt looked and wandered, just trying to find the perfect one. We all tried to show him some cool pumpkins but to no avail.
Wyatt finally found one he deemed "perfect" but it was big. The pumpkin was bigger than I really wanted to pay but we were all waiting for Wyatt to finish up and it was taking forever so we just said OK and clipped the stem.
We loaded up our two wagon and Uncle Mikey and Nina walked back to the barns as we rode in the wagon. The kids just love the wagon.
Once the tractor gets us back to the barn the kids went to play in the corn kernels while I went back out to photograph more sunflowers.
I was out there long enough that Rob texted me to hurry up and get back to the group.
After our fun at the patch we drove over to the apple farm.
Sadly, the farm lost 50% of their crop this year due to a late frost and everything else was over picked.

When we walked up, I reminded the family to be on the lookout for a newsletter or something to see if they used my picture in the advertising.
There was a young lady handing out postcard type fliers with Apple Annie info on it and when you flipped it over there were 6 small pictures and Chelsea was the top left!
Nina, being the proud Grandma was letting every worker there know that this was her granddaughter in the picture. The workers got a kick out of meeting the people in the advertisement.
While mom was in the gift shop bragging, I was asking to speak to Anne aka Apple Annie. I introduced myself and thanked her for using the photo. I then introduced her to daddy and Chelsea. We talked for a few minutes before she had to get back to making pies. She thanked me for sending in the picture and told me to keep uploading.
After mom got all her shopping done we decided to hit the road and head back to Tucson. I had a good time and I know the kids did too. Wyatt and Chelsea were sacked out in the backseat most of the way home.

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Anonymous said...

ok, so I'm a little late!
I so enjoyed spending the day with the family. The kids did fantasic, though I wish I had a picture of the standoff between Chelsea and Savannah as they were each holding on to their new stuffed animals and literally glaring at each other. Ahhh, cousins!
While I had discovered before we went down there that the orchards had lost a lot of their crop due to the cold this last winter, we all decided not to pick apples. So we hung out, did a little shopping, visited the bakery and headed for home. An early day for us to say the least, but very nice.
See you next year Apple Annie....

Love to all
Nina (aka Ma)