Friday, October 21, 2011

Two weeks ago Rob took a little vacation, here he is on his first day, him and Chelsea were chillin on the couch watching some netflix and I looked over and saw this.
Rob is normally a go, go, go kind of guy so it was nice to see him be able to relax, even for just a short while.
Rob put plenty of stuff to do on his honey do list but somehow the rest of his time off he stayed busy enough where he really didn't get much done on the list.
The family Rob landscapes for called him one evening with an irrigation problem and we went up to their house so that he could fix it.
This family gets a little kick out of when I come over because I always bring my camera. The wife loves cactus and other desert blooming plants and I love to photograph them without going out into the desert.
This first photo is of some plant I don't know the name of but I have a similar shot of it in my living room, except that my original is not perfectly sharp so since I was there I would try again. Success!
The wife, we will call her M, has several blue agave plants with VERY sharp spines on it. I was trying another look straight down shot and kept getting poked.
I'll have to go through some more of the photos to see what I like to maybe put up in the house, or print and give to M.
Have a safe weekend, we have a soccer game Saturday and heading out to Wilcox to visit Apple Annie's on Sunday. Busy, busy

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Anonymous said...

So since I know Ms. M. did you check out her back yard? Kinda cool, even if the cold this last winter did some damage...still nice and would have made a good picture. You might also try getting one of the mountains, that can be beautiful.
Glad Rob got some much needed R+R, he works alot and deserved it.