Monday, October 17, 2011

 Have you ever reflected back on your week and think that you didn't really accomplish anything significant?
That was my thought this morning while I was thinking about what to write about.
Then I started scrolling through the photos that I've taken just this past week.
I was blown away by what I caught.
Not that it was anything amazing but it was the amazing in the every day.
Rob and the kids were off this past week so we spent lots of family time together.
On Tuesday we headed up to Mt. Lemmon to see what fall foliage was around. I'm probably a week or so away from more red trees but there was plenty of yellow.
 We went exploring around the mountain again and went higher than ever before.
On my list this trip was to check out Marshall Gulch. Rob and I had seen a news report on the hiking trails there and it looked just beautiful.
Oh, it was.
A little creek with water, lots of fallen logs, perfect for the kids to scamper around. The weather was perfect and for the most part the kids were too.
After roaming around, jumping the creek, having a snack, we decided to check out some of the roads and cabins around Summerhaven.
Riding around in a long truck is not very easy on the very narrow streets of Summerhaven. Lots of dead ends and steep driveways make maneuvering tricky. On one road we spooked a doe and two bucks. The group split up but I was able to get a picture of them. It was the first time I have ever seen deer on the mountain. Gosh they were beautiful and looked healthy.
On our ride back down we swung into some remote camp areas that in previous years have had nice foliage. This last picture is the one tree that I remember from years before. It's still just as beautiful.
We ended our little jaunt at Mc D's for some lunch and so that the kids could play. It was such a nice day and so nice to be able to spend it together.

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Anonymous said...

ou know there are times I really miss the fall, I loved the fall colors....but what i miss the most is getting all the leaves raked up and you kids could spend hours out there playing in them. So here we have to travel a little farther and theres really no leaf piles, but the kids get an idea about the changes. Glad you all had fun exploring.