Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Good Morning
Life continues to travel at a break neck pace and as usual I'm just trying to keep up.
Lets see, I was going to blog on 11/11 but, I obviously didn't.
I can't tell you where I was at 11:11am except that I was home with the kids. I thought more about it being Veterans Day and missing my grandpa, who was a WWII vet. I thought about all our friends who are overseas in Greece, Afghanistan and Iraq and the ones who are now retired from the military.

My kids have been in rare form lately and I've been writing down here and there the little things that they have been saying.
For example, last week I made a chicken and dumplings in the crock pot.
Wyatt proceeded to tell Kelly that we were having chicken and dumblings. Hearing that took us a minute cause it didn't sound that off. Later we were on a family bike ride and Wyatt said being outside was so refreshening. It was come to the point where Rob and I just look at each other and smile. They all get it eventually so why not just enjoy it while they are little.
While my kids have been keeping me entertained with the funny things they say I have been having some issues with my gall bladder, so much so that I will be having surgery on the 28th of this month. I'm only a little concerned about the surgery I'm more concerned because I think the school might be doing school pictures that last week of November and I'm suppose to be helping take the pictures.
To clarify, we go to a small charter school and everything they do is flexible, so originally we had planned to do school pictures the first week of November but the principal, who has his own studio set up, decided to buy new lights, so now we are behind schedule.
One morning I was watching a show where they hosts talked about moms whom are always behind the camera and there are so few pictures of them. This is something that has been said over and over and I know from my experience that there isn't enough photos of me.
Taking self portraits is never easy but I decided to try. Like many other women I'm self conscious of how I look or how the photo is going to portray me. You know that saying," my mirror and my camera have two completely different ideas of what I look like". That's me.
I'm trying to hand off the camera when I want to get involved in the action. I'm not afraid to look the fool or be the fool for that matter, especially with my girl scouts.
I have been trying to take better care of my self spiritually and have slacked off on the physical care. Damn Halloween candy. I can feel a difference too since I went on my junk food bender so I'm starting to wean myself off all the crap.
I think that's enough rambling for now.


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Anonymous said...

It's funny that you should mention Grandpa Per....he has been on my mind so much lately, along with my mom. I've lost both of them. Grandpa Per gave me insight on Dec. 7th 1941, not only being his birthday, but of course the bombing in Pearl harbor. So many good memories of him. He was a wonderful man, and I can still remember the day that he received his medals...such an impact to see him walk up there and get them. I truly miss him.

AH, the kids. You know it kind of fascinates me the things they come up with, and you have to admit that most of the times its cute and funny. Though, then there are the other times that you say to yourself "damn what have I done wrong?" And I guess that all I can say to that is love them, laugh with them and always let them know how important they are to you.

Love you