Monday, November 07, 2011

This afternoon the weather is chilly, like 55 degrees and there is snow on Mt. Lemmon, anyway Chelsea brought me the DVD of Thomas the tank engine ultimate Christmas. I put her off for a couple of hours but then eventually she went into the DVDs again and this time came up with the movie Santa Claus is coming to Town. I guess Christmas is going to last a couple of months here in our home.

Other crazy things with Chelsea lately; she wants to be called Jessica and she wants to have red hair.
I get that the red hair is from Ariel but I have no clue why she wants to be called Jessica.
At Kelly's soccer game on Saturday, Chelsea started to run around and I kept calling her to come back. Once I reached her I asked if she heard me calling her name. Chelsea yelled at me that she isn't Chelsea Ross she is Jessica. Yeah, don't think so.
Fast forward a little while later and she is off and running again, I called her name a couple of times and when she didn't answer, I called out," Jessica", and darn tooting she stopped, turned around and came back.
What a stinker.
What I find interesting is that she has an older cousin, whom that she has never met, whose name is Jessica.

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Anonymous said...

The kids sure love their movies! Its always interesting to me, what the kids will choose and that Chelsea likes the same movies as Wyatt. Now, Ms. Kelly does not like Thomas the train, thinks they are kind of stupid.
Jessica huh? where in the world did she come up with that? I can understand wanting red hair, because she sure was cute for halloween...
Can you believe we are two weeks out from Thanksgiving? Does not seem possible.
Love nina