Thursday, June 07, 2012

 Summer vacation is in full swing around our house. Late mornings in our jammies, video games, reading. Yep, pretty much lazy days.
Its driving me crazy.
I was journaling last night about how my schedule is completely off and except for house cleaning, I'm not getting much done.
I even went so far as to make a creativity schedule and I haven't accomplished one thing.
And yes, I'm beating myself up about it.
Yesterday I took the kids to Bookmans, a local used book store, an awesome place.
Kelly was looking to start the Dork Diaries series, Wyatt wanted Spy kids and Chelsea wanted pretty much everything. I headed over to the self help to
look for more books on creativity, motivation and self esteem.
I could have sworn that my reading list was on my phone but alas, it was not and I could not remember what I was trying to find.
So I browsed. I ended up grabbing the third book for the Artist's Way and a book called 100 ways to motivate.
I love the feel of a book in my hands and though I would love a tablet I don't think I could ever stop buying books.
There is just something about them.
I glanced through the books again last night and already I'm getting twitchy to get out of this mini funk.
I keep beating myself up about what isn't getting done, that I'm not realizing that the kids are having fun and not saying their bored. I have projects that I want to do with them but I haven't because I think I've been too lazy. Next thing I know it will be 2 days before school starts. Your probably saying, "well then do them". And I say, "I'm going to". If its bothering me this much then I'm gonna do something about it.
Moving on...
OK, last week I saw a glimpse of this quote on either Ali's blog or Pinterest and it just really spoke to me in that moment and so I grabbed my gypsy and recreated it. I cut it out in vinyl with my Cricut and attached it to the mirror.
Two hours later I realize what I should have put up there; flush the toilet and wash your hands. Yeesh.

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Anonymous said...

Ah daughter, quit being so hard on yourself, it will all work out ok.
I think its cool the things you are doing with the kids, good memories for the kids.
As for the message on the mirror....IT ROCKS!!!

love you,