Thursday, June 14, 2012

Last Saturday I took the kids up to Walgreen's thinking that they could get a pack of go-gos and Chelsea a my little pony toy. We walked out with a pack of go-gos for Kelly, a Lego man for Wyatt and this tiara combo set. This tiara set has been the best investment of $4.00 that I've spent in a while. Chelsea has worn it every single day since. Seriously it doesn't come off. At bedtime its on her shelf and as soon as she awakens its on her head and she comes to us to help put on her necklace.  We've gone to church, grocery stores, Lowe's, she is a princess and everyone thinks its the cutest thing. If they only knew what a terror she is.
Our front yard is in bloom and my favorites have to be these day lilies that originated from Rob's grandmas yard in Mississippi. We've had them for about 10 years and they continue to bloom every summer. In the last day or so my hibiscus are blooming again, the jasmine is flowering and my rose bush is unfurling it's pretty petals.
I love seeing all the color.
On Monday we went to Lowe's to pick up a couple of things and we added some dianthus, a red mandavilla and a honeysuckle bush. 

I really wish we had the money to pay someone to come work on our yard. I have this vision in my head of all the ideas that Rob and I talked about and I just want to see it come to fruition. Yes, I know that it will mean more if we do the work ourselves, but I'm just so excited to be able to sit under the arbor, watch the birds eat from one feeder and drink from the bird bath. We have some beautiful hummingbirds and to know that we bought some of our plants to cater to them and the butterflies just fills my soul. To be able to watch the vines climb the trellis that will one day provide shade to sit under. To see all the colorful artwork that the kids and I are making.
In two years, wow, that long?! I can't wait to show off how are garden is growing. The oasis that we envision. Rob would tell you that he is excited about growing a bigger garden next year. So far, our crop hasn't yielded any veggies, but to see them grow and spread out, watch the blossoms pop open on the squash plants has made him very excited.
Every morning and/or evening we make our rounds and discuss how some of the plants are doing. We make adjustments on water and shade and then our talks circle back to a few of the plants and where they might go in the back yard.
Maybe I'll try to sketch what the yard will look like. Of course it could take awhile because we keep changing our mind on where everything is going to go.
Last Saturday before going to Walgreen's the kids and I tried to make the paint pots that were buzzing around Pinterest. rainbow pot tutorial I let the kids pick their own colors obviously. I will try this again because these pots sure didn't turn out like I thought they would. I probably didn't use enough paint, so I plan on trying again, I just need to go buy more paint.

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Anonymous said...

Chel's looks so cute in her tiara...though she did leave her necklace at my place this last weekend, I keep looking at it thinking I need to get it to her, but alas I keep forgetting it each morning.
Its really hard for me to believe that she will be four this next week, and I wonder where the time has gone. I know we all hope that at some point she will grow out of being a holy terror...but in some ways it will mean she is growing up and that is sad in itself.
As for your yard...have patience child, it will happen and then you will have a little bit of paradise in your back yard.

Love you,