Friday, August 02, 2013

All the Ross children are in school!!

To be honest I've dreamt about this day and now that its here it is very bittersweet.
 Yesterday was such a roller coaster. I walked Kelly to the bus stop and watched as she hopped on the bus for the first time. She was so excited about riding the bus that I don't even think she said goodbye.
6th grade and in middle school, I remember kindergarten for her.

Poor Kelly had a heck of a time yesterday. My first phone call came just before 7:30 and she was overwhelmed and freaking out, crying, her teacher got on the line and assured me she would take care of her, normal first day stuff, yada yada. I got my second call of her crying because her schedule has changed from Friday and they have her in band instead of orchestra, what should she do? So I told her what she could do. You could hear her trying to hold it together but by the time she hung up she was loosing it. My poor girl, she has been so excited and nervous about today and I think she is just really overwhelmed, so many changes recently.
This morning as she waited for the bus we talked about how today would be better because she knew what to expect and that it would all work out and be a good day. She was a little teary eyed when she got on and I saw her find her seat, then I watched as she just started to cry, and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.
When she got home this afternoon I asked her about what I had seen and she said that she missed me and those feelings just took over, but she also said that she didn't cry the rest of the day. Phew.
 Now Wyatt, my main man, he was very easy going. We walked a short distance to the school and proceeded to go on a search for the sign to where the kids were suppose to line up. Well, for some reason his teacher didn't have a sign so we asked another teacher and she directed to where he needed to go. Seeing one of the boys from cub scouts we left him to hang out with his friend while we went around the school to find out where Chelsea was suppose to go.
You talk about mass chaos. Parents and kids EVERYWHERE!!
We found her teachers line just as the whistle blew for the kids to line up and Chelsea was begging to go play at the playground.
With sooooo many parents trying to walk their kids in and poor Chelsea was getting lost from the crowd. I had been told that the parents were to say there goodbyes outside and that they didn't want the parents in the classroom because of possible separation problems, I get it, I know.
After the kids filed in, the parents were invited to a PTO coffee. This was my chance to make sure she made it to her classroom. I peeked in and found her seated on the carpet with most of the other kids as her teacher was trying to get everything sorted out.
After the coffee, we talked with a couple other parents we know and then we headed for the exit, since we would have to walk by Chelsea's classroom again I tried to sneak another little peek to see how things were going. In front of the class door was a TV camera and when they saw me they asked if I had a kid in this class and then asked if I could do an interview.
I looked over at Rob like, what do I say?
I got set up, clipped on the microphone and answered the questions the best my brain could. How nerve wracking. When asked what this day meant to me I almost lost it. Later my mother in law said I looked like I wanted to cry, that's partially true. Really I was just trying to voice a complete thought and speak from the heart.
The way the shot was set up was I was actually facing Rob as I gave my answers, and Rob was videoing me with my cell phone! I could barely think straight and wished I had time to actually think about my answers. I will never be a politician. LOL
The noon news came on and my stomach was in knots, I had watched a small portion of the interview on my phone and was not impressed and slightly horrified.

The piece of interview they showed wasn't that bad and I was relieved it was over.
Then they showed it again at 4pm. That's when the phone calls and text messages started. The kids were all excited to see me on TV.
At 5pm a completely different clip was shown  and surprised me and  I missed the 10pm, which was probably the same clip as 5.
Anyway, after school we came home and ate dinner before we headed off to DQ for our traditional first day of school ice cream.
I'll have to post some of the pictures from when Kelly had her first cone to Wyatt to Chelsea. So cool that I have been able to document all these little milestones. Now that I have the time I plan on getting more things scrapbooked like all these little milestones :)

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